Toronto Kitefest

Ye Editor ran across these pictures from last Fall’s Kitefest at Woodbine Beach:

The picture above tells almost the whole story of the Toronto KiteFest this past Fall in Toronto.

It was a gray day for kite flying with no wind to propel the windsocks. Cool and overcast with spits of rain. Not even a mouse’s stirrings in the wind sacks and kite flaps for most of the afternoon events. Even the rain spits coming in off Ashridge Bay at Woodbine Beach  were deflationary – wet kites add weight to the various wind riders.

Wind Flag shows the  tumult of the day

Kite fliers from Michigan, Northern Ontario, Quebec, New York and local kiters were treated to tantalizingly nice weather in the morning ; but by noon the doldrums set in. So kiters had their work cut out for them – only by running across the beaches could they get the lift that was required. Some were more stoic and just waited for the air to breeze – as seen below.

Wind Jammers from Detroit put on a clinic on light air flying.

Okay, some of the lite gliders were able to lift off and catch some of the higher air – to give kiters and viewers some wonderful views of gliding  and doing acrobatics in the lightest of airs.

Flying off with the greatest of ease.

If you are a kiter, or just an admirer of flying fancy-free, check out this schedule 0f 2011 kiting events in Eastern Canada. There are a number of events scheduled well before Spring; but as might be exopected the warmer months brings out the kite runners and players.

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