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Red Maple Buds in the Ravine
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Christie Pits Baseball

Intercounty Baseball at Christie Pits Since the Blue Jays are playing Gosh Awful baseball with confiscatory prices for everything at a game including the tickets , my Tennis buddy and I decided to take in a Toronto Maple Leafs Intercounty Baseball game with the Kitchner Rangers at  Christie Pits. AccuWeather promised and delivered  a sunny …

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Anticipating Christmas Show at Allan Gardens

Last Christmas Allan Gardens had a fabulous floral show. Here is a chosen Christmas Sampler: [row cols_nr=”2″][col size=”4″] Poinsetta on Parade [/col][col size=”4″] Poinsetta Dancing [/col][col size=”4″] Merry Go Round [/col][/row] Okay we are having a little pattern fun here derived from last years Christmas show – here is the some more realistic images: Summary …

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Jane’s Walk : BBall at Christie Pits etc.

Normally Jane’s Walks mark the true beginning of Spring – mid May when the tulips are in full bloom. But BBall at Christie Pits in July is proof that Jane’s Walks are now occurring all Summer long and well into Fall especially in the Toronto area. Here are some upcoming early Summer Walks: The featured walk …

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Pixof Toronto Spring Background Images

The images used in the background slider for Pixof Toronto in Spring are  from Allan Gardens 2017 Easter Show : This Easter there were many new floral surprises like 4 Poster Amarylis, Orchids out from behind their standard glass enclosures, and the Koi pool dressed to the Nines were just some of the highlights. Because Allan …

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Spring is Official with Scottish Dancing in Edwards Gardens

Every Winter the Wish for Spring hatches 3-4 months early. But one never knows in Toronto when Spring has officially landed  given the flux of cold weather deep into May and even June. However, culturally Spring has officially arrived with the commencement of the Scottish Country  Dancing in Edwards Gardens the first Tuesday in June and …

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Nuit Blanche Bedecks TO in Black, White & Startling Colors

People Streaming up and down Bay Street to Nuit Blanche Events The events at City Hall, along Bay Street, and Harbourfront attracted  literally hundreds of show-goers moving up and down Bay. See what was going on at City Hall to attract so many viewers. Read More City Hall Shows Thre wer 3 innovative  video exhibitions …

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Summer Music in the Garden – How to ruin your Brand

This summer has been active one for great free music concerts at various public parks in Toronto. Edwards Gardens, HarbourFront, Leslieville, and Woodbine among others. And if you follow the previous links you can see some of the great concerts which dotted Toronto’s summer.landscape However, HarbourFront’s Summer Music in the Garden and its  performing group Amar mi …

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Toronto AllStar BigBand: The Singers

As we have previously seen, the Toronto AllStar Bigband recreates the stylish sounds of the Swing Era with full brassy gusto and luster. But the BigBand era featured many great singers like Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, The Andrews Sisters, Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, etc. And the Toronto AllStar BigBand  has a group of singers that …

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Swing Era Sounds in TO Town

One can always find Swing Era Sounds around Toronto Town; but to find where you can listen and dance for free – that is a little tougher. Fortunately the HarbourFront  Centre has interceded during the Summer with  its Dancing on the Pier free program and peppered it with 4 shows from the excellent Toronto All-Star Big …

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Toronto Graffiti

Toronto has a well deserved reputation for having Civic artistry, especially in the downtown core. One can see sculptures, murals and mobile installations not just at the Museums and major government buildings but also in the parks and businesses across all 5 Toronto Boroughs.  But lurking in plain sight are some great art works in the form …

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Toronto Tennis: Don Montgomery Centre

As an avid tennis player one can get withdrawal symptoms during the winter and early Spring months. There are  two conditions. Withdrawal signs in evidence when you start swinging racketless return shots waiting for the subway at Victoria Park. Withdrawal of more than wanted or expected sums of money  to rent time on the various covered …

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Artists Scene in Toronto: Emilie Rondeau, Painter and Artist

I have seen at least 5 shows in which Emilie has exhibited and the images are many, varied and almost tranquil. It is like looking out on a cool pond with gentle ripples … and then you notice among the soothing, pastel hues a provocative color  or an enigmatic icon: Detail from 2004 Toronto Summer …

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Eaton Centre Christmas Time

This year, Eaton Centre was truly Putting-On-the-Ritz with its Holiday Decorations. Light, colorful, and well staged throughout the Centre’s corridors and courtyards. Even better the reindeer models were at every level adding to the experience. And with the Cavalcade of Lights, there comes a welcome measure of Light-touch cheer permeating the downtown area:. As the season converges on …

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Toronto Santa Claus Parade and the Marching Bands

“All you need for a Parade is a Marching Band” And the organizers of Toronto’s Santa Claus Parade wont argue the point as they invite bands from all over Ontario and the neighboring US States to perform every year at the Parade. 2015 had a great selection. And if you get down to Christie Pits …

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Halloween on The Kingsway

The Kingsway is a  Etobicoke road running in  meandering chunks from the Northwest to the Southeast of the Borough. The stretch running from Royal York  to Old Mill sits atop the fashionable Bloor Street West Mall. The homes in the area are distinctly but not ostentatiously uppercrust with  consistently well groomed landscaping. This year The Kingsway has …

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Posters of Toronto

In the Eastern Ontario, the Northumberland Hills put on a country billboard show year round – here is a sample early  fall edition from 2014. By contrast, In Toronto the changing of city’s mood, aspirations and style can be seen in the posters  scattered throughout the boroughs as they change through the year. These  commercial messages …

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Classic Car Shows Around Toronto – 2015

Spring is arriving and classic car cruising is not far behind. They start with the Spring Fair Car  Show/Displays  like the AppleBlossomTyme in  Colborne. By the way , we used to call  classic cars Whiddley Flaydins – these were old cars that had been restored to pretty good operational condition. They are also known as antique cars; …

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The Pleasures of Bloor West Village Market

Web development and other  duties have this photo buff returning to West End Toronto a little more often in 2015. And it does not take long to enjoy an afternoon in Bloor West Village markets. It also helps that February’s cold and frigid weather are backing off their biting extremes. So as expected, fruit and vegetables …

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Toronto’s Trent Hills Artists

In covering the popular Trent Hills Gallery Hop, this editor discovered that  a few Trent Hills artists had Toronto roots. Well, a “few ” turned out to be an underestimate – more than a score. Here are some  typical examples. Dimitri Papatheodorou Dimitri has an art studio at Wheatland Farms just west of Warkworth in the rolling Trent …

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Trent Hills Gallery Hop for Toronto Artist

Dimitri Papatheodorou is a Toronto/Warkworth artist, architect, poet, painter and musician displaying a selection of current paintings and works in clay at his historic stone studio in Warkworth Ontario. If you stop at this weekend at his Gallery hop, the visit may include an impromptu piano recital-performance! In addition, outdoor glass installations by established artist …

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Gallery Hop Preview: Frantic Farms Clay & Glass Studio

With a name like Frantic Farms, one would hardly expect it to be the creative workplace for 3 Toronto artists: Paul Portelli, Derek Chung, Paul Tjiang. Well Frantic Farms is right on the Mill Street in downtown Warkworth Ontario just across from the Farm Supply Store. It is also the site of Gallery Hop exhibitions …

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T.O. AntiFreeze for Frigid Temps: Allen Gardens

Okay its bitterly cold going on forever – where you can find warmth, balmy temperatures and floral abundance for free in TO? Of course at Allen Gardens on Carleton just east of Yonge. And if you hurry before January 12th last day you will catch the gorgeous, not-to-be-missed Allen Gardens Christmas Show. Here is what …

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End of May Weekend Fun: Apple Blossom Festival

From Cobourg to Brighton along the Lake Ontario Shore, apple orchards abound. And in Spring time they put on a Blossom Show that confirms Summer time is is marching right in. So Colborne ON, smack dab in the middle of this Apple corridor, puts on an Apple Blossom Tyme festival to beat the band wagon. …

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Classy Cars Blossom

One of the attractions of the Apple Blossom Festival in Colborne ON is the reappearance like flower blossoms of the classic cars and trucks at the various Shows and Festivals throughout Ontario. And hidden in the valleys, farmyards, and cottages of South Eastern Ontario are some real beauties. Here is a favorite a look back …

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Lilac Festival

Blooms mean spring and Eastern Ontario’s Lilac Festival is a celebration of the Blooms of Spring. And if you missed the Lilac festival, the upcoming Apple Blossom Tyme Festival in Coborne is more than worthy as  a Spring time outing of family fun and shopping for Antiques, Art, or just kids fun. And the flower …

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Canadian Photo Contests

Spring is my favorite time of year because Nature’s colors are a rare delicate and pastel hue. In short it is a season to imbibe and enjoy as a new cycle of vernal sounds, fragrances and colors cover the landscape. And if ye Editor is not mistaken, there is an invigoration in step and mood …

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Warkworth Lilac Festival

Looking for a country outing this Victoria Day weekend? Consider the Warkworth Lilac Festival – three days of events in Northumberland county with lots to do. The Lilac Festival starts with a Friday evening of Sizzling Jazz featuring Chelsea Bennet and Beverly Taft – $20 at 7:45PM. Saturday follows with the Lilac Classic Car Show …

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